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 Tubolito Tubes

  • 2/3 lighter than a standard tube
  • 2x stronger than standard tubes
  • Developed and manufactured in Europe

Tubolito combines the innovative high-tech thermoplastic material with a newly developed production technology. Seams are reduced to a minimum and remaining seams are overlapped broadly. The result is a unique, high-quality product - as if made from a single mould.

Tubolito tubes made of high-tech thermoplastic material can withstand twice the forces of standard tubes. The material can be stretched more than four times, which provides maximum protection against breakdowns. To test the tube, a 0.75 mm mandrel travels at a defined speed through a pre-drilled hole in the sheath. Tyre pressure is 2.0 bar. The force and the distance to the blowout are recorded. Tubolito is clearly convincing here: the puncture resistance is twice as high as that of standard tubes and at a significantly lighter weight than standard butyl tubes.

TUBO-MTB (1.8"-2.5")

Less is more: Tubo-MTB combines low weight and increased toughness. For 29” tyres you’ll save more than 100g per wheel compared to standard rubber tubes and get 2x the puncture protection. In addition, the packed tube size is reduced by half. Tubolitos are easily mounted and are a super-lightweight alternative to tubeless systems. Ready for disc brakes.

29" - Weight: 84g. Tyre Width: 1.8"-2.5". Valve: 42mm Presta.

27.5" - Weight: 84g. Tyre Width: 1.8"-2.5". Valve: 42mm Presta.


Extra pluses: Optimized for 29+ and 27.5+ tyres with 2.5”-3.0” widths, Tubo-MTB-Plus tubes also meet the E-MTB standard. Due to their low rotational weight – at only 101g – they save you leg power or your e-bike’s battery life and defend against punctures.

29" - Weight: 101g. Tyre Width: 2.5"-3.0". Valve: 42mm Presta.

27.5" - Weight: 101g. Tyre Width: 2.5"-3.0". Valve: 42mm Presta.


All widths, all terrains: Tubo-CX/Gravel-All is made for tyres from 32 to 50 mm width and thus covering all tyres commonly used in Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes. Besides 700C tyres, it is also ready for 650B wheels. Ready for disc brakes as well as rim brakes and offering double the toughness compared to standard rubber tubes, it is the perfect all-rounder. Available with 42 mm (60 grams) and 60 mm (61 grams) Presta valves.

700C/650B - Tyre Width: 32-50mm. Valve: 42mm Presta (60g), 60mm Presta (61g).


Tubolito for the road: Ready for disc brakes and rim brakes, Tubo-Road easily fits tyres with 18 to 32 mm width. Compared to standard butyl road bike tubes you’ll save almost 70 g of rotating weight per wheel. The puncture protection is equally outstanding: Tubo-Road is 2X more resistant to punctures than a standard butyl road bike tube.

700C - Tyre Width: 18-32mm. Valve: 42mm Presta, 60mm Presta, 80mm Presta. Weight: 38-40g.


The Tubo-City / Tour doesn’t run out of breath that quickly: Due to the slightly larger wall thickness, it is not only three times as robust as standard tubes, but also holds the air pressure better - the ideal choice for longer trips in nature, in everyday life and also for e-bike tours. Approved for disc and rim brakes.

Weight: 130g. Tyre Width: 30-47mm. Valve: 42mm Presta Valve.