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ONE FOR ALL. An impressive, perennial favorite with excellent all-round properties. For MTB riders who frequently switch between road and off-road terrain.

  • The modern, distinctive off-road tread design stands out due to the dense center lugs, which provides comfortable rolling with low vibration and long durability.
  • Edged outer blocks simultaneously provide safety and optimum off-road grip.
Size (ETRTO) Construction Compound Quality Line Color Weight EPI (ends per inch)
700c x 37 (37-622) Performance Addix Performance Wire Black 475g 67
700c x 42 (42-622) Performance Addix Performance Wire Black 555g 67
700c x 44 (44-622) Performance Addix Performance Wire Black 590g 67
700c x 47 (47-622) Performance, E-50 Addix Performance Wire Black 650g 67


Performance Line
Excellent quality for intensive use.

ADDIX PERFORMANCE VERSION: Very durable, very versatile. Like Speedgrip it is a universal compound, but these tyres are not as light and fast as tyres from the Evolution Line.

ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization)

ETRTO is the best measurement to compare widths between tyre brands and models. ETRTO is an international standard measure that gives the tyre width in millimetres and is much more reliable to get the true width of a tyre. You can find the ETRTO measurement in the small print on your tyre sidewall or listed in our product description tables. An example of this measurement is 42-622, this is a 42mm wide tyre with an inner tyre diameter of 622mm, which is the diameter of a 700c or 29inch rim.