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FLAT-LESS ESPECIALLY FOR E-BIKES. Maximum riding safety at high speeds and on long tours. Highest Marathon quality tyres refined for the special demands of an E-Bike. The only tyres in the world that can truly claim to be flat-less. This is thanks to their unique patented puncture protection belt. What’s more, they offer exceptional long life, dynamic rolling behavior and many more superior features.

SAFETY: Schwalbe puncture protection level 7. The patented SmartGuard protection layer is additionally supported by two layers of RaceGuard fabric. This "Smart-DualGuard“ protects even better against sharp objects.

CONTROL: The ADDIX-E compound, specially developed for the use on E-Bikes, provides outstanding grip even at high speeds and also maximum durability.

RIDING PLEASURE: Marathon E-Plus rolls surprisingly well thanks to high-tech materials. The "anti-aging“ sidewall prevents for much longer the unsightly cracks caused by use with low air pressure. The new carcass construction reinforces the sidewalls with a further layer of fabric and thus stabilizes the tyre for even more load capacity.

DESIGN: The tread profile of the Marathon E-Plus is modern and dynamic. The E-Plus’s tread depth makes is extremely versatile for touring and trekking.

E-BIKE: Of course, ECE-R75 certification makes the tyres ready for E-Bikes of all classes. The available sizes are consistently geared to the requirements of modern E-Bikes.

It is impossible to guarantee that a flat will never happen, but the Marathon E-Plus has the best defense against everyday tyre wreckers such as glass, flints or metal shards. Use a pressure gauge to adjust tyre pressures as the common 'thumb check' is insufficient due to the special construction of the Marathon E-Plus.

Size (ETRTO) Construction Compound Bead Colour Weight

EPI (ends per inch)

700 x 50c (50-622) Smart DualGuard, E-50 Addix E Wire Black-Reflex 1210g 67
700 x 55c (55-622) Smart DualGuard, E-50 Addix E Wire Black-Reflex 1395g 67


SMART DUALGUARD: The safest puncture protection there is for e-bike tyres. Specially developed for the requirements of e-bikes. Outstanding puncture protection through the combination of 4mm thick SmartGuard special rubber with 2 layers of RaceGuard fabric.

ADDIX E: A special compound for e-bike tyres with outstanding grip and great longevity. Even at high speeds, it ensures strong adherence with very low tread wear.

Performance Line: Excellent quality for intensive use.