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The Schwalbe One family provides the right tyre for the latest gravel bike trend. The smooth rolling G-One profile makes it a pleasure to ride over forest paths and rolling fields.

It impresses with unique versatility and balanced riding characteristics, whether on asphalt pavement, dirt roads or even off-road. Whether after work, or on an adventure trip, there are virtually no limits to the "Allrounder".

The versatile tread rolls easily and with low vibration, but grips safely and reliably on gravel roads and smoother, dry trails.

Size Construction Compound Quality Line Color Weight EPI (ends per inch)
27.5" x 1.5"(40-584) RaceGuard, LiteSkin (RG, LS) Dual Performance, Folding Bead Black 400g 67
27.5" x 2.25" (57-584) TL-Easy, DoubleDefence RaceGuard (TLE, DD, RG) Addix Performance, Folding Bead Black-Reflex 725g 67
27.5" x 2.25" (57-584) TL-Easy, Super Ground (TLE, SGr) Addix SpeedGrip (blue) Evolution, Folding Bead Black 650g 67
27.5" x 2.8" (70-584) TL-Easy, DoubleDefence RaceGuard (TLE, DD, RG) Addix Performance, Folding Bead Black 845g 67


RaceGuard: Double layer of Nylon fabric under the tread. Excellent puncture protection for a tire that should be fast and lightweight. 2 layers of crosswise nylon fabric, 67 EPI carcass.

LiteSkin: The lightest option. LiteSkin MTB tyres forego Snakeskin, but still have extra strong tyre beads. If you don’t mind the extra effort, these tyres can also be converted to Tubeless by using a liquid sealant.

Super Ground: Combines light weight and stability. Feels comfortable in any terrain. Balanced ratio of puncture protection and smooth rolling. For flowing trails, long rides and any terrain. The modern, sophisticated construction guarantees riders an optimal combination of protection, light weight and rolling characteristics. The protective fabric insert, which runs from bead to bead, and three layers of carcass under the entire tread ensure a balance between safety and weight. Tubeless easy.

Double Defence: Double protection. All around SnakeSkin + RaceGuard under the tread provides maximum security for off-road tyres. The ideal requirement for the use on E-MTBs.


Dual Compound: Two different rubber compounds for optimal performance.

ADDIX PERFORMANCE VERSION: Very durable, very versatile. Like Speedgrip it is a universal compound, but these tyres are not as light and fast as tyres from the Evolution Line.

ADDIX SPEEDGRIP: the universal compound. It definitely has the widest range of use. Perfect for XC, AM and Trail: for the majority of EVO tyres there's a version with ADDIX Speedgrip! It replaces the previous PaceStar compound where a significant, though not the only difference, during extensive use is more mileage and a longer life.


Evolution Line: The very best possible. Highest grade materials. Latest technology.

Performance Line: Excellent quality for intensive use.