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Rear wheel specific tyre: special tread design engineered for traction and braking grip, the ideal rear tyre for balanced and varied riding. Medium profile tread design with added traction and reliability for uncompromising performance over a variety of terrains. The Scorpion™ Enduro R is the perfect rear tyre when paired with a Scorpion™ Enduro M up front.
  • Designed for use as a rear tyre
  • Recommended for use with Scorpion Enduro M front tyre
  • Versatile tread pattern ideal for varied terrain and surfaces
  • The SmartGRIP compound provides constant high grip performance in wet and dry conditions, even as the tread wears
  • The HardWALL structure features bead-to-bead protection and a hard rubber insert above bead for extra reliability
  • The casing design improves structural reliability and provides more support at lower pressures
  • A tubeless-ready design for enhanced puncture protection and lower riding pressures


    29" x 2.6" (65-622) SmartGRIP
    HardWALL, 60TPI Tubeless Ready (TLR) folding
    Black 1180g



    Decades of victories in Motocross and Rally competitions around the world led our engineers to the development of a new innovative rubber formulation: the SmartGRIP Compound for the Scorpion™ MTB which blends together opposite features:

    - Tear resistance for the maximum mechanical grip on dry and wet surfaces together with the maximum resistance against punctures;

    - Chemical grip on wet terrain for unconditional riding in any kind of weather;

    The SmartGRIP Compound is the result of an extensive process of research and development that led us to absolute performances in either dry and wet conditions. We chose a single compound formulation in order to achieve the most consistent performances throughout the entire lifespan of the tyre even when the knobs start to wear off.


    The HardWALL is a reinforced MTB casing that features a bead-to-bead protection together with an insert of hard rubber above the bead making it a construction capable of handling the most aggressive riding styles. The multiple reinforcement integrated with the carcass deliver a solid support when riding at low inflation pressure, especially thanks to the thick rubber insert which easily handles high weight loads and prevents pinch flats. The result is a 60tpi mountain bike casing whIch is very stable at low inflation pressure increasing its reliability and the riding quality. The HardWALL casing is specifically designed for trail and enduro riding.