ODI Bjorn v2.1 Recycled Grip

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ODI Bjorn v2.1 Recycled Lock-On Grip

100% Post-Industrial recycled rubber grips.

COMPOUND: 100% post-industrial TPE
BAR ATTACHMENT: Single Lockring
LENGTH: 135mm

At ODI we are committed to pushing the limits. So when the opportunity was present to work with Bjorn on building a sustainably sourced grip without sacrificing performance, we jumped at the opportunity. We are proud to offer the results of this partnership, a grip that is so good looking it is hard to believe it came from the leftover bits from making other grips.

The new Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On grips are produced using 100% post-industrial TPE which is gathered and recycled in-house to ensure consistent quality and to help eliminate waste. Due to the high quality of the materials that we use in our initial production, the material is able to retain over 95% of its original durability or soft feel. The grips have also been designed to add comfort at the contact points using textured pads and an offset design on the palm side for more padding as well as a saddle on the underside of the grip for more comfortable thumb placement when riding. All of this built on top of ODI’s proprietary v2.1 Lock-On system for easy installation and 100% secure grip placement. Who knew sustainability could feel so good.

  • Offset design giving you more padding where you need it
  • "Saddle" on underside for more comfortable thumb placement
  • SINGLE CLAMP - Version 2.1 Lock-On System
  • Made from recycled proprietary compound material
  • Hand Friendly Soft Ends - Reinforced for Added Durability