MilKit Tubeless Valve Syringe System

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MilKit Tubeless Valve Syringe System

No mess and no air loss, even without the valve core.

MilKit patented tubeless valve system is quick and easy to use:

  • Smart rubber flaps ensure no air is lost when the valve core is removed and sealant does not block the valves
  • Use the syringe to easily check if enough sealant remains in your tyre
  • The syringe accurately measures the amount of sealant needed
  • No more mess as tyres can be installed dry and sealant added afterwards through the valve
  • Kit contains measuring & refilling syringe, valves, and valve core removal tool


  • 2x 35mm milKit valves
  • 1x measuring and refilling syringe (60ml)
  • 1x valve core tool
  • 2x milKit rim stickers


  • 2x 55mm milKit valves
  • 1x measuring and refilling syringe (60ml)
  • 1x valve core tool
  • 2x milKit rim stickers

Patented milKit presta bike valves are made in Germany from anodized high quality aluminum alloy and high performance rubber for the smart flaps.

The standard milKit valves have a usable length of 35 mm (1 3/8 inch), and they work for most road and mountain bike rims except some special high-profile rims. For high-profile rims, there are 45mm, 55mm and 75mm versions of the milKit valves available (sold separately).

The syringe holds 60ml or 2 oz of fluid and comes with a flexible connector and a large needle to push through the valve and rubber flaps. There’s also a sealant regulator that screws into the syringe for easy refilling. The needle has an angled end for effective removal of all sealant in the tyre.

MilKit valves can be used with most sealants, but we recommend milKit sealant. This has been specially designed for best results with these valves.


This patented system enables clean and easy tubeless tyre setup.

  1. Install valve and screw out the milKit valve core
  2. Pre-inflate your tyre up to 22 psi (we recommend the milKit Booster [sold separately]) – the rubber flaps ensure no air is lost even with the valve core removed
  3. (For maintenance rather than installation of new tyre) Extract old sealant from tyre with the milKit syringe to measure remaining amount and check quality
  4. Measure out the correct amount of sealant and inject using the syringe
  5. Screw the valve core back in, inflate tyre to full pressure until the tyre fully jumps onto the rim and you’re ready to ride!

The solution to combat sealant drying out or escaping! With other tubeless tyre valve systems you need to remove the tyre to check if enough sealant remains, with milKit you can simply remove the valve core and insert the syringe to check. No mess and faster results!

Replacement valves & valve cores are also available.