Joe's No Flats Super Sealant

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Joe's No Flats Super Sealant - 1000ml

The go to sealant for the majority of riding. Standard latex based sealant.

Joe’s will plug the leak without spraying all over the place or continuing to leak through the puncture. You’ll likely have to replace the tyre from wear before you need to worry about your sealed puncture.

This sealant provides excellent sealing for big holes of up to 6mm (¼ inch). It is suitable for both tubeless, tubular and inner tubes. It is has a wide temperature range compatibility (-20ºC - +70ºC) and a wide pressure range compatibility (15PSI - 100PSI). It is CO₂ compatible.

  • 60-120 ml per XC wheels.
  • 120-180 ml per wheel for bigger FR and DH tyres.

For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-12 months depending on quantity and weather conditions.

1000ml Bottle.