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CONTINENTAL - 27.5" CROSS KING (Previously X-King)

The all-rounder.

  • Versatile competition and trail tyre, sure footed in turns and comfortable.
  • Good grip and available with various technologies.
  • Smooth rolling tyre that adapts to any terrain with its tread pattern.
ETRTO Dimension Technology Colour/Sidewall/Bead TPI Compound Weight
55-584 27.5 x 2.2 ShieldWall System black/black skin/foldable 3/180 PureGrip 740g
55-584 27.5 x 2.2 ProTection black/black skin/foldable 3/180 BlackChili 600g
55-584 27.5 x 2.2 RaceSport black/black skin/foldable 3/180 BlackChili 530g
55-584 27.5 x 2.2 RaceSport black/Bernstein (tan) sidewall/foldable 3/180 BlackChili 555g
58-584 27.5 x 2.3 ShieldWall System black/black skin/foldable 3/180 PureGrip 780g
58-584 27.5 x 2.3 ProTection black/black skin/foldable 3/180 BlackChili 710g


ShieldWall System

Tubeless ready and puncture protection for riders on a budget.

The ShieldWall system combines the optimum combination of high puncture protection and the low rolling resistance with low weight. This is made possible by an additional, all-round puncture protection layer, which consists of a finely woven cross fabric. This gives the tyre a high resistance to punctures and damage. Despite its additional ply, the tyre has a very good damping property and a high degree of flexibility to adapt perfectly to the ground. The revolutionary tubeless ready bead allows easy and uncomplicated mounting of the tyre.


The perfect combination of smooth running, grip, and puncture protection!

The ProTection technology gives the tyres their perfect mix of fast rolling, grip and puncture protection. Four plies under the tread and three in the sidewalls make this possible. The whole tyre attains greater resilience and becomes less vulnerable to damage.

  • Adheres well to the terrain, even on the toughest trails
  • Very good damping characteristics
  • BlackChili Compound ensures smooth rolling and the required grip
  • Tubeless Ready: The revolutionary Tubeless Ready base enables the tyre to be mounted easily.


Easy, quick and secure.

Designed without compromise for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport casings combine consistent lightweight construction and noticeable superior puncture protection at the highest level. In cooperation with renowned professional mountain bikers Continental have created the perfect basis for competition tyres. Handmade in Germany, they offer rolling friction and puncture protection of World Cup quality. The structure makes the difference: a particularly fine and flexible nylon fabric with elaborately manufactured protecting rubber lining and universal base. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC and Marathon Race.

PureGrip Compound

The advanced new compound.

Based on activated silica compounds, this technology was originally intended as a performance level compound, but after intensive development at Continental's Korbach Research and Development Department Facility, an advanced new compound with outstanding grip and cross-country properties was developed. This new rubber mix, given the self explanatory name “PureGrip”, is ranked just behind the BlackChili Compound and is being used in the performance products both in the road and mountain bike sectors. Whilst providing great grip, it is also long lasting and highly durable.

BlackChili Compound

Higher grip, longer mileage, lower rolling resistance!

With our BlackChili Compound, a tread compound which is always based on the latest knowledge of polymers and raw material research, we have supplied the cycling industry with an enduring solution. Depending on the application of a tyre, we adjust the compound formulation for the specific discipline – for road or mountain biking, time trialling or downhill racing.