Blackburn Tradesman Multi-Tool

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Blackburn Tradesman Multi-Tool

Why has no one invented a multitool that removes chain quick link? Oh wait, we have.

All the hex and Torx keys you're ever going to need in a portable tool, with the addition of a disc pad spreader and a tool that'll remove the stubbornest split links.

We offset hex wrenches on the Tradesman to get to tough-to-reach spots and still give you leverage. We also wanted to make it the last tool you need to fix everyone else's chain problems.

  • 18 Functions.
  • Quick Link Tool: Link quick-links quicker. Unique tool allows you to split quick links on the trail safely and quickly. 
  • Quick Link Storage: No one wants half a quick link. The integrated storage for a spare link saves you from losing half in the bottom of a bag somewhere.
  • Spread 'Em: An accidental squeeze of a brake when the wheel is out is all it takes to get your brake pistons stuck. Luckily, the pad spreader saves the day and keeps you drag-free.
  • L-shaped Tools: Power to your elbow. A full set of hex key sizes includes L-shaped 2, 2.5 and 4mm tools for all of those hard-to-reach bolts that always come loose when you're not looking.
  • Weight: 176 grams.