Blackburn Core Mini-Pump

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Blackburn Core Mini-Pump

Small and Wickedly Powerful

The pull-out hose puts less stress on the valve. The presta-only thread-on head sits on a short pull out hose to give more options on which position you pump from.

Nervous about unthreading that valve when removing the pump? Enter one of the Core’s awesome features: the Presta Valve Tool. Simply unthread the tool from the back of the pump and tighten your valve prior to threading the hose on.

With a larger diameter barrel, this is a perfect pump to inflate your larger volume MTB tyres without fuss.


  • Presta Valve Tool - Get loose on the trail. You can if you want, but your valves shouldn’t. There’s a handy, machined valve core tool right in the pump’s base to keep everything snug.
  • Thread-on Design - Hold on tight. The thread-on Presta valve at the end of the extending flexible hose ensures that even the fiddliest of valves is held securely for inflation.
  • Faster Inflation - The mid-size barrel diameter allows for quick inflation on a MTB, CX, Gravel Bike.
  • Bike Mount - Includes an easy to install mount that fits under your water bottle cage.
  • 90 PSI
  • Weight - 5.6oz (159g)