Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry Lube - 130ml

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Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry Lube - 130ml

Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry is a high-tech and long-lasting chain lube for dry to damp conditions. It guarantees crisp and silent shifts, leaves no sticky gunk and provides tough-as-nails protection for your components.

New for 2020, the lube nerds have given Chain Juice Dry a complete redesign to make it work even better than ever and fully biodegradable to be kinder on the environment.

It’s ideal for MTB, road, gravel and commuter bikes and, thanks to the new formula, will stand up to big mileage with a single application.

Juice Lubes Chain Juice Dry dives deep into your chain and takes root where it’s needed the most.

The Boffin-designed ‘carrier’ formula delivers a tough silent shield right down into your chain and then evaporates to guarantee no sticky gunk.

Ready for the science bit? Chain Juice Dry is now built with an Ethanol-based carrier that’s more effective than ever at penetrating the depths of your chain whilst being kinder than ever on the environment.

Chain Juice Dry dives into your chain and then evaporates to leave a dry and natural wax barrier that lubes your components and creates a barrier against moisture and muck. It’s reinforced with tough, long lasting, synthetic additives that reduce noise and wear.

We’ve also made Dry kinder on the environment. It’s now much less likely to flick droplets when you’re spinning away and is fully biodegradable so anything that does spill will break down quickly and harmlessly.

Chain Juice Dry is easy to use. Simply apply it straight on to a clean, dry and degreased chain before you ride and leave it to evaporate. You can top up between rides and you can add extra layers if you need extra protection.

  • A high-tech lube for dry to damp conditions.
  • Evaporates to leave a dry, natural wax barrier.
  • Long-lasting, super-tough protection for your components.
  • Repels moisture and corrosion.
  • Works over a wide temperature range.
  • Biodegradable.


Start clean. Give your chain a proper good degrease. Rinse with fresh water and leave to dry. Chain Juice Dry works best on a clean chain with a bit of time to sink in and work its magic.

Apply a thin layer of Chain Juice Dry to the top of your chain whilst back-pedalling your cranks. Go steady, you don’t need loads. You’ve used enough when the sound of squeaky chains is replaced with sweet sweet silence. As ever, if you’re dribbling on the floor you’ve overdone it.

Repeat as required, top-up if needed. Best applied between rides before you hit the hills.