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Kenda Tyres - Tech Info



Kenda developed this compound for a new generation of gravity tyres - an evolution of the existing Race Stick-E Rubber (RSR) compound. Building on the impressive original, the new RSR compound is a dual layer tread rubber, with the soft RSR compound on top and the stiff SRC on bottom. This new dual layer compound offers better performance because the stiff bottom SRC layer serves as the hard foundation for the softer RSR layer to push against. The result is a compound that provides better control and lasts longer than previous versions.



Designed around the rigors of enduro racing. Featuring a lower rolling resistance value than previous dual tread compounds, tyres with EN-DTC show less wear than other similar tyres. With shore A values lower than the original DTC, the EN-DTC provides a more responsive ride, letting the knobs do the work of control and braking on the ground.



R3C is Kenda´s fastest rubber compound and used exclusively for high end racing tires. With significantly lower rolling resistance and increased wet weather traction, the R3C compound is truly the successor to the R2C rubber. Destined for race day, this isn’t your daily commuter compound.



Dual Tread Compound is a combination of two different rubber compounds: L3R Pro (center knobs) and Stick-E rubber (corner knobs). DTC rubber is most commonly found on cross country, all-mountain, and cyclocross tyres due to its rolling speed and grip.

L3R PRO: Kenda´s most versatile compound. At 60sA, the L3R Pro is a fast and solid performer. The benefits are lightweight, fast rolling and increased tread life.

STICK-E COMPOUND: Kenda’s original all mountain and downhill rubber compound. The 50sA rubber still provides sure grip for a wide range of trails and conditions while lasting longer than softer compounds.



Kenda's single tread compound construction uses the same compound over the whole tread of the tyre. This construction is found in many road, gravel, commuting and some mountain bike tyres. The characteristics of the compound itself vary between each category - a commuter tyre's compound will be more durable than a mountain bike compound - or even within the category as Kenda adapts the compound to each tyre. A mountain bike tyre that is intended to perform well in wet conditions will have a different compound than a tyre that is meant to excel in dry conditions. That way you can also be sure to get a tyre with a compound that was fine-tuned for that particular tyre.




Developed for the rigors of Enduro. The new Advanced Enduro Casing (AEC) fills the gap between the burly Advanced Gravity Casing (AGC) and the weight-optimized Advanced Trail Casing (ATC). Using the same 3-piece Aramid inserts as the AGC casing, AEC omits the apex at the bead: for the same high level of puncture and cut resistance but without the added weight. A dual layer compound provides the same reliable grip found on the AGC casing.



The lighter way. Optimized for trail riding, the Advanced Trail Casing (ATC) is lighter and more supple than our gravity solutions. It uses a layer of SCT on the sidewalls and a K-Armor belt under the tread area. K-Armor allows for a tighter weave and the use of less rubber, resulting in a lighter tire and a casing that is supple enough to allow the knobs to flex and form under load, yet still protects from pinch flats, punctures and cuts.



Tubeless and tough. Kenda Sidewall Casing Technology (SCT) is the modification of existing Kenda tyre construction methods. By adding an additional sheet of Nylon fabric across the sidewall of the tyre, from bead up to tread block, it results in the optimization of the tyre construction for fluid based tubeless conversion systems. Additionally, the SCT construction increases the structural strength of sidewalls; bolstering resistance to slices and abrasions, helping reduce the chance of catastrophic damage that fluid sealants cannot seal.



Where the road ends, gravel begins. A versatile casing with great all-round puncture and slash protection. Weighing up to 50% lighter than traditional trail puncture breakers, the GCT casing is ideal for gravel cyclists and cyclocross riders. Tyres using the GCT casing are all optimized for tubeless use and easy set up.