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BlackChili Compound

Higher grip, longer mileage, lower rolling resistance!

The crucial balance. The rolling properties of the rubber compound of a tyre are primarily determined by three interacting factors – stiction [grip], rolling resistance and mileage [longevity]. The dilemma: If you improve any of these factors it can have a detrimental effect on at least one of the others. A tyre with maximum grip wears quicker and rolls more slowly. If you then make a tyre roll faster and more durable, grip, in turn, is reduced.

With our BlackChili Compound, a tread compound which is always based on the latest knowledge of polymers and raw material research, we have supplied the cycling industry with an enduring solution. Depending on the application of a tyre, we adjust the compound formulation for the specific discipline – for road or mountain biking, time trialling or downhill racing.

How does that work? For BlackChili, we refine special synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber to high-performance tread mixtures. To these mixtures we then add soot particles, which in turn are optimised in shape and surface properties. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound are produced exclusively in our German Korbach plant.
Continental PureGrip Compound logo

PureGrip Compound

The advanced new compound.

Based on activated silica compounds, this technology was originally intended as a performance level compound, but after intensive development at our Korbach Research and Development Department Facility, an advanced new compound with outstanding grip and cross-country properties was developed. This new rubber mix, given the self explanatory name “PureGrip”, is ranked just behind our BlackChili Compound and is being used in our performance products both in the road and mountain bike sectors. Whilst providing great grip, it is also long lasting and highly durable – both characteristics of Continental tyres, which are exclusively manufactured in the factory in Hefei (Asia).
Continental Compound Comparison Diagram


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The perfect combination of smooth running, grip, and puncture protection!

The ProTection technology gives our tyres their perfect mix of fast rolling, grip and puncture protection. Four plies under the tread and three in the sidewalls make this possible. The whole tyre attains greater resilience and becomes less vulnerable to damage.
  • Adheres well to the terrain, even on the toughest trails
  • Very good damping characteristics
  • BlackChili Compound ensures smooth rolling and the required grip
  • Tubeless Ready: The revolutionary Tubeless Ready base enables the tyre to be mounted easily.
  • Sidewall with Race Flag design.


 Continental ProTection Apex logo

ProTection Apex

Prepared for new challenges.

Enduro, that means fast, challenging descents and energy sapping uphill sections. To make it through, you need a tyre with a puncture-free structure, good rolling characteristics and excellent grip. ProTectionApex makes this possible.

  • The ProTection layer prevents cuts and punctures without any significant increase in weight.
  • An extra Apex sidewall protects the tyre from impact punctures even at low pressures.
  • BlackChili Compound gives added grip.
  • For optimising weight, the tyre can be set up tubeless with Conti RevoSealant.
  • Sidewall with Race Flag design.


Continental Apex logo


A rubber profile between the carcass layers ensures stability.

Successfully used in car tyres for years, its transition for use in our bicycle tyres was only a matter of time. Apex stabilises the tyre in turns and is a technology that also makes sense for high-volume bicycle tyres.

  • A natural rubber profile, set between the carcass layers at the base of the tyre.
  • Stiffens the sidewalls, there by minimising the twisting of the tyre by the high transverse loads.
  • Stiffer sidewalls that in turn, reduce the risk of punctures and impede the tyre from slipping off the rim.
  • Destined for Downhill, Gravity Enduro and Freeride. Low pressure, enhanced grip is made possible without becoming too slack in corners. The risk of punctures decreases significantly.
  • Special DH-bead profile
  • High tensile steel-core
  • 6 plies 360 threads per inch (TPI) under the tread
  • Flag Sidewall design


Continental RaceSport logo


Easy, quick and secure.

Designed without compromise for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport casings combine consistent lightweight construction and noticeable superior puncture protection at the highest level. In cooperation with renowned professional mountain bikers we have created the perfect basis for competition tyres. Handmade in Germany, they offer rolling friction and puncture protection of World Cup quality. The structure makes the difference: a particularly fine and flexible nylon fabric with elaborately manufactured protecting rubber lining and universal base. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC and Marathon Race.

  • BlackChili Compound
  • Foldable aramid bead core
  • 3 plies 180 threads per inch (TPI) under the tread
  • Particularly robust tread and fabric rubber lining
  • Smooth side wall design


Continental ShieldWall System logo

ShieldWall System

Tubeless ready and puncture protection for riders on a budget.

The ShieldWall system combines the optimum combination of high puncture protection and low rolling resistance with low weight. This is made possible by an additional, all-round puncture protection layer, which consists of a finely woven cross fabric. This gives the tyre a high resistance to punctures and damage. Despite its additional ply, the tyre has a very good damping property and a high degree of flexibility to adapt perfectly to the ground. The revolutionary tubeless ready bead allows easy and uncomplicated mounting of the tyre. For best results in sealing and in use, we recommend the use of the new Continental RevoSealant sealant.

  • PureGrip Compound
  • Foldable aramid bead core
  • 3 plies 180 threads per inch (TPI) under the tread
  • Side wall with honeycomb design


NyTech Breaker

Nylon fabric in the performance sector

Our new NyTech Puncture Protection has been developed based on the proven Continental SafetySystem Breaker. Its nylon fabric makes it resistant to punctures and cuts like Kevlar reinforced high strength fibres, but offers lower rolling resistance and reduced weight. The NyTech breaker sits between the SafetySystem and the PolyX Breaker® as a more effective puncture protection casing in the performance sector.



  • Excellent quality for sports level use
  • Wire bead
  • Mesh Sidewall design



Reliable quality.

The durable and adhesive rubber compound promises long riding pleasure. A sturdy 60 TPI nylon carcass ensures best durability. A strong wire core ensures firm hold on the rim. For ambitious amateur athletes an affordable alternative to our BlackChili and PureGrip tyres.



Continental Tubeless Ready logo

Tubeless Ready

Developed especially for the mountain bike sector, this additional puncture protection layer which completely encircles both tyre beads makes our carcasses robust and impervious against damage and penetration from foreign objects. For maximum effect we combine ProTection with BlackChili Compound. The result: versatile, low weight and an attractive design. In addition, tyres made using this technology can also be used as Tubeless Ready.



Suitable for E-Bikes

For our E-Bike tyre we fall back on over 100 years’ experience with moped and motorcycle tyres. All of our city/trekking tyres are rated to a standard speed of at least 25 km/h. Those tyres marked e50 are also certified for S-Pedelecs. With their high quality structure, puncture protection is high and the rolling resistance is low offering protection from premature wear brought about by the additional driving force.


Deutsche Technik

More than 100 years experience in the development and production of bicycle tyres has made Continental a unique company within the industry.

Continental is the only German bicycle tyre manufacturer to produce its tyres in Germany. Knowing this serves as a mighty incentive to our engineers and everyone else involved in the manufacturing process to constantly strive for further innovations.

In our technology and development center in Korbach, we are constantly developing new revolutionary technologies such as the unbeatable BlackChili compound and the ultimate Vectran™ breaker anti-puncture technology, both used at the top end of race sport.

These technologies demand sophisticated processes to ensure our legendary end-product quality, and these innovations as well as the ProTection and RaceSport technology for MTB tyres, can only be manufactured in our factory in Germany – “Handmade in Germany”.   

In order to offer the best tyre for any application, we rely equally on dialogue with our professional racers, hobby cyclists and everyday bike riders.

As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany, where Continental tyres are produced for you with an equal degree of care and dedication. One thing all Continental bicycle tyres have in common is that they are developed in the technology center in Korbach, Germany, where they also undergo strict inspection.

Our heart and soul is behind the phrase “Handmade in Germany”, with all of its products and technologies.